Migrations In Laravel

Migrations are like version control for your database, allowing your team to easily modify and share the application’s database schema. Migrations are typically paired with Laravel’s schema builder to easily build your application’s database schema. If you have ever had to tell a teammate to manually add a column to their local database schema, you’ve …

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Laravel session flash message

In the controller file: In view file: So Here its very simple and easy code for session flash message in the laravel. Below code can use in Codeigniter: //Set Message$this->session->set_flashdata([‘status’ => 0, ‘message’ => ‘Data does not exist’]);//Get Message$this->session->flashdata(‘message’)


Carbon is a package by Brian Nesbit that extends PHP’s own DateTime class. It provides some nice functionality to deal with dates in PHP. Specifically things like: Dealing with timezones Getting current time easily Converting a datetime into something readable Parse an English phrase into datetime (first day of January 2016) Add and Subtract dates (+ 2 weeks, -6 months) …

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